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eventsPIANO IMPRESSIONS bridging classical music, blues and boogie

The new album of Maciej Markiewicz "PIANO IMPRESSIONS bridging classical music, blues and boogie," which will be released on the market in the spring 2013, received several favorable reviews, including Mr. Jan Popis, Mr. Wojciech Nentwig, Mr. Zbigniew Górny and Mr. Zbigniew Wodecki.


“New impressions of Maciej Markiewicz – it’s a very interesting challenge creating a bridge into  classical music. The starting point is an improvisation, jazz and style of boogie–woogie, which, in spite of its age-old tradition, still maintains quite a lot of privy fans. This style on a European scale is cultivated by dozens of truly outstanding pianists, amongst whom Maciej Markiewicz remains for years in a consolidated position, which he achieved as a piano virtuoso, having had a thorough and professional study at The Poznan Academy of Music.”

Jan Popis

Musicologist, Music Critic


“Such impressions on the record market are highly needed and extremely rare. (…). From the first bars streaming from “Piano Impressions” you can feel a fascination of Maciej Markiewicz, who is classically educated, with boogie-woogie, blues and… unforgettable piano duo “Marek & Vacek”. He naturally moves from the original fragments of Bach, Mozart or Chopin to boogie-woogie. His strong left hand, (…) in combination with a thick, harmonic texture, sometimes creates an impression, as if his solo instrument sounds like in a duo. The album has a difficult to estimate educational value. (…) In the polish discography industry a new light has appeared in the tunnel, giving tones and moods, which can interest the mass audience, sensitive to music. Good music.”

Wojciech Nentwig

Managing Director of The Poznan Philharmonic    


“My congratulations on your idea and perseverance in pursuing this goal. It would have seemed risky to combine boogie-woogie with classical music, however, the performance by Maciej Markiewicz was a successful effort. In a creative and personal way, professionally performed themes of classical music (e.g. Mazurka in D major of Chopin, Rondo Alla Turca of Mozart) and jazz standards (e.g.  Lady Be Good) received a “new spirit”. I recommend the album to the listeners, who are searching for a new, unconventional proposals of repertoire and interpretation of music.”

Zbigniew Górny

Composer, Arranger, Conductor  


“I have been familiar with piano performances of Maciej Markiewicz for several years. I know that he plays great music, but so daring interpretation of Chopin have never been heard!

Although I cultivate different kinds of music, I always appreciate the message in the music not only sounds and rhythms, but also the values ​​that affect the emotions. The album "Piano Impressions" touches the imagination, gushes the energy, dynamics, temperament, ingenuity and vision of the artist. Markiewicz created a whole range of diverse and remarkable arrangement of well-known themes of “classical” music, as well as jazz standards, showing off a brilliant technique. Not without significance is the atmosphere, which even sparkles between the performer and the listener. It is interesting that the pianist went into a new direction, absolutely being in harmony with himself in an artistic dimension.

The album "Piano Impressions" I highly recommend to all who are looking for fresh music, creative originality and craftsmanship. I cannot wait for the next album!”

Zbigniew Wodecki



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